Grants Management

Grants Management

The Grants Management Process is designed to ensure that grants serve the public’s best interest. Master Key will manage your process to be properly planned, competitively fair and open, scrutinized and structured to protect the interests of the government recipients.

Program Support

Master Key Consulting supports the Grants Management lifecycle from maintaining the software and documentation through which our clients communicate with their customers, to the disbursement and review process.

▣ Support for application review, award, project monitoring, and closeout activities
▣ Production of application templates, forms, and requests for applications (RFAs)
▣ Development of online financial grants management resources
▣ Program logistics including travel coordination and meeting venue coordination
▣ Program meeting notes
▣ Disbursement of compensation and honorariums
▣ Grants review management

Grant Review & Compliance

Master Key guides the client through the Grants Process step by step to assure compliance at every opportunity.

▣ Receipt of applications electronically and in hardcopy
▣ Application compliance verification
▣ Application processing, scoring, and evaluation
▣ Receipt and noncompliance notifications
▣ Development of written evaluation criteria
▣ Review recruitment, selection, and orientation
▣ Quality control review of reviewer scores and appraisals
▣ Grant and process audits
▣ Onsite and online logistical support
▣ Grant program support and financial management training
▣ Impact evaluations

User Support

Master Key Consulting supports the grant applicant with training and Helpdesk support so that the customer receives the best possible service and experience. Training reduces stress to the Grantee and reduces Helpdesk calls and expense.

▣ Tier 1, 2 and 3 Helpdesk operations
▣ Assistance to applicants prior to receipt
▣ Remediation of compliance issues
▣ Technical support to users of web-based receipt and evaluation systems
▣ Training program and curriculum and program development and execution
▣ Document creation and lifecycle management
▣ eLearning & computer based training
▣ Online interactive training tutorials
▣ Organizational workforce development

Grant System Technical Support

Master Key oversees the technical aspects of the Grants Management System to assure that the Grantor is able to focus on servicing its customer. Master Key creates databases for analytical metrics, maintains the system for superior customer service with updates, regular testing, and fast and complete recovery in emergency situations.

▣ SharePoint site creation and maintenance
▣ Database creation, maintenance and report writing
▣ System configuration management
▣ System testing and IV&V
▣ COOP and disaster recovery contingency planning

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