IV & V and Software Testing

IV&V & Software Testing

Master Key’s Independent Validation & Verification (IV&V) and Testing Support offering covers the full spectrum from functional system and software testing, programmatic IV&V services and Test & Evaluation Services. Master Key’s testing services are designed to detect system or software failures so that defects may be corrected before production. Efficient Testing promotes a tangible return on investment to the client.

Programmatic IV&V

Programmatic IV&V provides a key discipline for effectively managing projects. Master Key promotes our clients’ project success and identifies, manages, and mitigates risk by performing IV&V services. We apply a disciplined process in reviewing project processes, deliverables, and products and can perform IV&V services on a targeted basis at key milestones of a project, or throughout the project lifecycle.

▣ Project assessments
▣ Process and procedure audits
▣ Project and performance management
▣ Performance metrics
▣ Systems analysis and design

Software Test and Evaluation (T&E)

Software Testing and Evaluation is the process by which a system or components are compared against requirements and specifications through testing. The T&E results are evaluated to assess the progress of design, performance, supportability, functionality, etc., and as a tool to identify, evaluate and reduce risk throughout the project acquisition cycle.

▣ Test planning
▣ Automated tests development
▣ Functional testing
▣ Load testing
▣ System testing
▣ Installation testing
▣ User acceptance testing
▣ Security testing
▣ Quality control (quality assessment/quality management)
▣ IV&V or as part of an Integrated Project Team (IPT)

Requirements Management

Master Key’s Requirements Management service defines the need and determines the conditions to be met, identifying potentially conflicting requirements of stakeholders. Master Key elicits, analyzes, documents, validates and manages software or system requirements for project sponsors.

▣ Identifies stakeholder statements of fact and assumptions
▣ Identifies and verifies project requirements with mission objectives
▣ Aligns with enterprise architecture
▣ Envelopes environmental considerations
▣ Measures of effectiveness and efficiency
▣ Creates an alternatives analysis and supports critical decision making

Configuration Management

Master Key’s Configuration Management service is applied over the lifecycle of a system or software product. Configuration Management (CM) delivers visibility and control over performance, including functional and physical attributes. CM services enable our clients to revise capability, improve performance and reliability, correct defects, extend life, and reduce costs and risk. CM services also create documentation (requirements, design, test, and acceptance) of software and systems

▣ Develops provisions for storing, tracking and updating system information
▣ Defines the functional relationships between parts, subsystems and systems
▣ Provides methods for identifying and minimizing risk
▣ Real-time system monitoring

Software System IV&V

Is a comprehensive service offering that combines our Requirements Management, Configuration Management and Software Test and Evaluation solutions to support customer requirements throughout the System/Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). Bundling these complementary services ensures the client that they have a complete set of current, customer approved requirements to test against and the correct version and configuration of the system or software product for testing.

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▣ Requirements Management
▣ Configuration Management
▣ Software Test and Evaluation


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