Key Principles

The Story of Our Key Principles

“We do our work according to a set key principles that are important for every person in our company. They have been the secret sauce that sets us apart from our competitors. They were developed in 2003 by our employees in response to a simple question, “What excites you about working at Master Key Consulting?” Their answers fell into four common themes: our services, our reputation, our work environment and our financial health. These principles are what guides our work work our clients and guide our interaction with each other. We are a company committed to our many stakeholders – our clients, our employees, and our communities. These guiding principles are our core values – these key principles are Master Key Consulting.”

Jonathan Wilber, CEO

Master Key Consulting…

Offers services that:

▣ add value to client operations
▣ exceed client expectations
▣ are holistic in approach
▣ positively impact clients, community and company
▣ maximize client return on investment

Sustains a quality reputation by:

▣ being ethical
▣ attracting and retaining quality people
▣ listening to our clients
▣ doing things the right way
▣ delivering on time
▣ being consistent
▣ achieving results

Strives for a work environment that:

▣ values diversity of thought and experience
▣ fosters mutual trust
▣ gives responsibility and authority in areas of accountability
▣ hears and responds to the voice of the employee
▣ is enjoyable
▣ rewards vision, insight and energy

Maintains financial health by:

▣ effectively managing resources
▣ earning a fair return
▣ growing in a smart and controlled fashion

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